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Art Holidays in France and Italy: Great Teachers, Beautiful Accommodations, No Hassles!

What Our Guests Say About Their Experience…

 “…Thank you SO much for everything…but mostly for leading me to the magic of this place!”   – Susan K.

” …Thanks so much for organizing such an exceptional watercolor, history [and] geology retreat…a truly authentic French vacation!”   – Freida B.

“…Absolutely fantastic! I’ve traveled to every continent, yet I’ve never had such a welcome and intimate cultural immersion as I had on this trip. Every day was a new adventure, whether it was shopping in the local markets, picnicking on the river bank at the foot of a medieval castle, touring prehistoric cave paintings, or painting fragrant lavender fields in a sun-filled hidden vale. Each day was spectacularly planned, interesting, and stress free…And the food! Throughout our stay, Dominique spoiled us with farm fresh breakfasts, rich coffee, and fabulous cuisine paired beautifully with local wines, while teaching us French words. Lisa, you are a joy to know, your passion for art is a vibrant light that shines on everyone you meet! Thank you, Lisa, for creating such a unique opportunity for your guests to truly “experience” the incredible beauty of the Lot region through artistic adventures with a master instructor and wonderful new friends.”   – Regina R.

” Eat, Pray, PAINT! Thank you, Lisa, for organizing such an exquisite trip… from the moment you picked us up from the airport to each painting day in the perfect setting, I was blown away by your attention to detail and how easy you made our journey.”   – Lara H.

“Lisa, I go home with a very full heart. In France, and again in Italy, you gace me a personal experience I could NEVER receive from a tour! What you do in creating workshops in foreign countries is far grander than anything that could be achieved in the States. It is magical and fulfilling and worth every cent!”   – Kathryn O.

“…Everything far exceeded my expectations…”   – D.L.

” I can’t say enough about how well this adventure was planned and all the efforts made to make it an unique experience for all…Lisa was…delightful, kind and patient. She had a true sense and desire to create the best experience for all. She also exuded a joie de vivre for her passion to be doing what she loves. Dominique and Eric were such kind and pleasant hosts. Very warm and relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy. For me this was truly an experience beyond words.”   – Joy W.

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