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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

Just follow the link at your preferred painting holiday, and you will be directed to a secure PayPal page, where you can input your credit card and contact info safely.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card?

Click the link under the Contact page to download a printable application, which you can mail along with a personal check or money order in USD made out to Lisa’s Gryphon Art and Travel, either for your deposit or payment in full. The balance, if applicable, must be paid 60 days prior to the start date of the workshop.

Is my air fare included?

No, your air fare is not included in the price and we always recommend that you purchase trip insurance, in the unlikely event of an emergency. We will not hold a class unless we have 6 artists registered. Once 6 artists are registered with deposits paid, we will notify all participants that they should purchase their airfare. We will have at least 30 days before the start date in which to purchase airfare. Should a class NOT hold due to insufficient registrations, your deposit will be returned in full. For more information on our return policy, click here

I’ve never been to Europe. Do I need a passport and a visa?

American citizens can travel to the European Union countries (both France and Italy are in the European Union) with only their passports for up to 3 months out of a 6 month period and without a visa, due to the Schengen Agreemen?t.

What if I have special dietary needs?

There will be a welcome packet with information sent to you upon receipt of your deposit or initial payment. In there will be a questionnaire regarding any food allergies you may have. Please fill out the form and return it so that your information can be entered into our registration system. We will do our utmost to honor your dietary needs; in some cases, you will receive an additional request for more information in which we will ask if you require very specific food items to be added to our menus. If that is the case, there may be additional charges. If you travel with an Epi-Pen, please make sure that you have that with you, along with your regular medicines. A copy of any prescriptions you take regularly, is also a good safety measure.

Help! My teacher just told me she must cancel my class! I still want to paint in Europe! Now what do I do?

First, remain calm. This is a very unusual and probably unforeseen instance. In the unlikely event that something of this sort occurs, we will bring in an experienced replacement instructor to ensure that the scheduled class goes forward and the least number of registrants is impacted. Where possible, we will transfer a registration to an alternative holiday, if requested more than 12 weeks before the original holiday, based on availability.