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Melissa Weinman’s

Plein Air Painting in the South of France: A Sense of Place – and a Place for the Senses

June 1-10, 2017

Have you dreamed of painting en plein air in SW France, surrounded by the history and beauty of this tranquil area? Do you imagine waking up to the sound of sheep bells as they trundle past your bedroom window with their shepherd in the morning?

This is your chance to immerse yourself in French country life with Melissa Weinman. Breathe deeply and take in all of it: the colors of fields, flowers, and foods, the warm sunny skies, the taste of local wines and cuisine, the earthy smells of truffle hunting, and the sounds of cafe music in the streets.  Here in the south of France we will spend each day experiencing its beauty in a variety of locations near Larnagol along the Lot river, painting as we go.

En plein air painting is French for painting “in the open air,” and what better way to soak in the flavors of this region known to be the most picturesque in France.  Each of our lessons in landscape painting are coordinated with the features of the day’s attraction, be it a marketplace, medieval castle, vineyard or bridge.You may find yourself high above the Lot River, painting skies and water from the gardens of the Chateau Cenevieres. Or painting the reflected light in the shadows of a castle ruin. Or capturing the converging lines of a billowing lavender field. Melissa will demo her daily lesson and then guide you to create 1 – 2 small oil paintings a day, utilizing the very “green” walnut oil as our medium. You will have ample individual guidance from Melissa, so that you can implement her tools and strategies once you return home.

Many people would like to paint in oils but have concerns about the long-term effects of using solvents. Melissa is a pioneer in the contemporary use of walnut oil as her medium. In addition to all the great painting lessons she has designed, you will also get instruction on the benefits and uses of Walnut Oil medium.

This all-inclusive art holiday provides incredible art instruction from a well-respected teacher, while visiting the surrounding countryside and villages. The pace is relaxed and friendly, and it is open to all levels of experience.

If you are tired of the winter, and the idea of painting en plein air in France with Melissa is sounding better and better, Click here for more information and/or to register. Space is limited.

Additional Special Offer from Melissa! If you register by April 1st, 2017, you will receive a 9.5″ x 12.5″ giclee print of her original oil painting, Davina Helianthus (a $185 value).